A self-proclaimed life-long learner, Jess is always seeking out new media to stretch her abilities. Since graduating from Point Park University in 2009 she has taken courses in web design, pottery, and attended every robotics workshop she could get her hands on.

Maker Boot Camp

In 2009 Jess was one of a select few to be accepted into a four-day, hands-on, Maker Boot Camp at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. Throughout the week she learned how to work with textiles, circuitry, wood, and digital coding programs. She found the circuitry workshops to be the most engaging and was excited to learn how to solder.

On the last day of boot camp attendees split off into small groups. Each group was given three pieces of paper with parameters and 45 minutes to create. Given the peramaters of tear, nail, and recycled packaging Jess's team created a kenetic, musical sculpture, which all three group members promptly dropped in the last minute of the exercise. Happily, there are no mistakes in making, only learning experiences, and Jess's team won the "Best Mishap" award.

Webdesign, Programming, and Robotics

Since she was a child Jess had a keen interest in programming. Growing up in a house with no internet she often would design "websites" and educational "games" for her little sister using Microsoft Word and MS Paint. There was no real code to speak of, just images on a screen, but the passion was there.

As an adult, Jess creates websites for herself and small businesses using HTML, CSS, and Wordpress. She also explores the world of video game programming and robotics through open-source programmes Scratch, Python, and Visual Programmer for the Hummingbird Robotics Kit.